Safety Reminders for Feeding a Large Crowd This Thanksgiving

Preparing appetizers, sides, meals, desserts, and beverages for the entire family, and possibly even extended family, is a big job to take on. But you have years of Thanksgiving Day food preparation experience. Nonetheless, it is important to remind yourself of safe food handling, prepping, serving, and storing just to ensure your crowd is protected this year. After all, there is quite a difference in preparing food for a small crowd versus a large one.

Continue reading to brush up on these safety reminders and more this Holiday season!

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Safe Catering Practices Start With Cleanliness

The first rule of thumb when it comes to large scale food preparation is cleanliness. Washing hands, sanitizing cooking stations and surfaces, cleaning dishes, and separating the two from raw and uncooked foods are crucial to safe catering.

Washing hands eliminates the potential for spreading germs and illnesses through food. Our hands touch our faces over 1000 times a day! When serving a large crowd, you never know who is more vulnerable to illness and who is not. Keeping your hands clean while preparing food avoids spreading the flu or a virus through food and possibly infecting hundreds of people. 

Sanitizing all cooking stations, cookware, dishes, and utensils is also a very important component to safe catering.  It is necessary to be sure all skillets are clean and dry, and anything else that contributes to the preparation of food is checked.  Dishes have to be cleaned and dried and utensils need to be clean as well.  It is a good idea to avoid plastic utensils to help the environment!  By having all these items clean and functioning properly, it avoids contamination and the spread of food-borne illnesses.

Be Sure Your Food Stuffs are Fresh

Double checking the food inventory for spoiled or contaminated products is important before preparing food for large crowds. It is possible that a stray animal or insect can gain access to food products during the commute to the venue or store. Fresh food is key to safe cooking and dining. Other than food freshness, it is necessary to ensure that deep fryers have fresh oil in them,  and that all coolers and refrigerators are working properly.

Catering Tips for Children

Preparing food for a large crowd including children requires some extra attention. Since it is such a large crowd, applying majority rules as far as taste preferences is important. Pleasing children’s’ palates can be achieved by using few and simple ingredients. Kids are picky eaters so easy finger foods are a great way to keep kids entertained while eating, and gives the adults a break from having to feed them! As far as safety, eliminating potential for bones or other choking hazards in kids’ food is crucial. Drumsticks should be replaced with chicken fingers, and apple slices with applesauce. Small ideas like these are safe meals for children in large crowds.

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Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510
Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510

Tips for Safe Summertime Food Preparation

Summertime is the time for park picnics, backyard cookouts, campsite grilling, and outdoor cooking fun!  It is one of the many joys of beautiful Georgia summer weather. We Georgians love to cook outdoors.  Although fun and even traditional, it is important to remember how to safely prepare food for others; and especially in the summertime heat.

Continue reading to catch up on some advice on safe food preparation for outdoor cooking.

Georgia Catering Services 678-340-0510
Georgia Catering Services 678-340-0510

? Wash Your Hands

This is the first, and most obvious, step to preparing food for people outside is washing your hands.  Consistent hand washing can ensure that you are not spreading any salmonella from raw meats, or germs from other places. Keep your hands clean while chopping fruits, handling raw meat, shaping burger patties, and mixing beverages. 

? Keep a Clean Work Station

On top of washing your hands, be sure to sanitize all your working stations. This means thoroughly cleansing cutting boards, tables, counter tops, and of course, dishware and utensils. Disease, bacteria, and viruses can easily be spread through dirty work stations. Using a clean wet rag dipped in a light sanitizing solution helps eliminate this possibility. 

? Maintain Food Temperatures

When serving food outdoors, especially buffet style occasions, it is crucial to keep certain categories of food at their appropriate temperatures to avoid food borne illnesses and food poisoning. For example, be sure cold foods such as fruits, vegetables, yogurts, dips, anything containing sour cream, cheese, or dairy, and beverages, remain on ice and cool. This prevents bacteria from growing and making someone sick, as well as, keeps your guests and family cool from the heat. Other vulnerable foods should be covered and protected from insects, leaves, bird droppings, and animals. Cover chips, side dishes, meat trays, and anything else that can be contaminated. 

If outdoor cooking isn’t for you, no worries!  You can still host a fun, outdoor family cookout and fun while keeping all food and buffet items indoors. There is never any fuss about making your plate indoors and eating outside to enjoy a nice summer evening. For more tips on how to prepare food for outdoor cooking, call a professional for advice.

Who to Trust for Safe Georgia Catering

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Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510
Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510