How To Make Your Own Candy Apple Buffet Bar at Home

Halloween may be over, but caramel candied apples are still all the rage. Now is a perfect opportunity to visit your local farmers’ market or apple orchard and take advantage of their final harvest haul. You can bring home dozens of fresh, locally grown apples of all varieties for as little as pennies on the dollar.

The best part is, there is so much you can do with an apple surplus! But why not try something different this year? After all, apple pies and cobblers are so conventional. So, put your apple hoard to good use and good fun by entertaining your children and guests with a homemade candy apple bar spread!

Continue reading to learn some tips on creating an easy and entertaining candy apple buffet bar that you can do with your friends and family any time of year!

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Dessert Catering Peach Tree City Georgia 678-340-0510

How to Build Your Candy Apple Bar Spread

The most exciting part of building your own candy apple bar spread for your friends and family is picking out all of the fun ingredients. If you think about it, you can basically dress up a candied caramel Apple anyway you like. From traditional garnishes like sprinkles and nuts to extravagant garnishes like crumbled Oreo cookies and chopped up Snickers bars, you can really let your imagination fly free when it comes time to shop!

For the base coat toppings, you can stick with the traditional caramel topping, which you can make yourself by melting butter and caramel candies on the stove, or you can purchase ready-to-heat caramel topping specifically designed for candied apples. In addition to caramel, consider hot fudge topping, white chocolate topping, or toffee topping! Both are great for both drizzling and dunking!

In addition to all of the delicious toppings and garnishes for your candy apple bar, you will need the basics, which include your apples, wooden chopsticks or kebab skewers, dinner sized paper plates, two medium-size serving bowls, and a muffin tin for all of your topping selections.

This is a messy project, especially if you are entertaining children, so be sure to have plenty of napkins and moist towelettes handy as well! If you want to mitigate the mess, consider slicing your apples for custom dunking and decorating.

Custom Catering Services Georgia 678-340-0510
Custom Catering Services Georgia 678-340-0510

What You Will Need:

❑ 2 Medium-Size Bowls for Your Caramel & Hot Fudge Topping
❑ Muffin Tin for Your Toppings
❑ Wooden Chopsticks or Kebab Skewers
❑ Dinner-Sized Paper Plates
❑ Napkins & Moist Towelettes
❑ Caramel
❑ Hot Fudge

Topping Inspirations:

■ Edible Glitter or Gold Flakes
■ Edible Pearls
■ Cake Décor Lettering
■ Rainbow Sprinkles
■ Chocolate Sprinkles
■ Chocolate Chips
■ Graham Crackers
■ M&M’s Candy
■ Pop Rocks Candy
■ Shredded Coconut
■ Nuts Of Any Variety
■ Cereal
■ Marshmallows
■ Raisins
■ Dried Fruit
■ Crumbled Cookies
■ Chopped Candy Bars
■ Chopped Peppermint Candies
■ Chocolate Drizzle (White, Dark or Milk)

Set Up is Simple!

Set up your candied apple buffet bar on a table or countertop, placing the paper plates at the front of the line. Pre-poke all of your apples with your chopsticks or kebab skewers since this can sometimes be distracting for guests and potentially hazardous for children. When it comes to building a custom candy apple, simply dip an apple into your choice of melted topping, then place on a paper plate and sprinkle on your desired garnishes!

Are you looking for custom catering services that can provide the personalized menus you have in mind for your upcoming occasion? Contact Food for Thought Catering at 678-340-0510 to speak with a friendly and experienced Peachtree City catering service manager, today.

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A Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe You Can Count On

Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510
Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510

A Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe You Can Count On

Chocolate chip cookies bring back the fondest and happiest memories for anyone who has the pleasure of indulging in a rich, gooey, fresh-from-the-oven, homemade cookie. But since there are infinite ways to bake these tasty treats, and even more ways to make them unique, finding a go-to recipe can be quite overwhelming. Do you stick to the family’s conventional recipe? Or should you risk trying a new one? The stress of turning out a perfect batch of cookies can really take the fun out of the whole process.

So if you want to avoid sifting through the endless chocolate chip cookies recipes online the next time your kid comes home with a last minute bake sale order, just use this simple, fail-safe recipe that won’t let you down!

Dessert Caterers Georgia 678-340-0510
Dessert Caterers Georgia 678-340-0510

Classic Oven-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

What You Will Need:

? 3 Cups All-Purpose Flour
? 2 Cups Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip Morsels
? 1 Cup Packed Brown Sugar
? 1 Cup Standard White Sugar
? 1 Cup Softened Butter
? 2 Eggs
? 2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract
? 2 Teaspoons Hot Water
? 1 Teaspoon Baking Soda
? ½ Teaspoon Salt

Optional Ingredients:

? Peanut Butter
? Oats or Granola
? Chopped Walnuts
? White Chocolate Chips
? Macadamia Nuts
? Chocolate-Coated Candies
? Dried Cherries
? Raisins
? Shredded Coconut


❶ Preheat oven to 350 degrees (175 Celsius).

❷ Combine butter, white sugar, and brown sugar. Mix until smooth

❸ One at a time, beat the eggs into the butter/sugar mix.

❹ Add the vanilla extract and stir.

❺ In a separate bowl, combine baking soda and hot water. Stir until the baking soda is completely dissolved.

❻ Add baking soda/hot water mix to the batter.

❼ Add salt.

❽ Slowly stir in flour, chocolate chips, and any additional ingredients of your choosing.

❾ Drop large spoonful-sized scoops of batter onto an ungreased baking sheet.

✨ Bake Time = 10 – 11 Minutes

❿ After the cookies come out of the oven, allow them to rest for a few minutes before using your spatula to transfer them to a container or serving platter. And don’t forget to enjoy with a cold glass of milk!

Got a Crowd to Feed But Don’t Want to Bake?

Call Food for Thought Catering at 678-340-0510 for professional catering in Newnan, Georgia you can trust! We are skilled culinary professionals who specialize in full-service catering, including decadent desserts like made-from-scratch cookies! You can customize everything down to the very last detail, from menus and service, to themes, décor, venues, and more. Request a free consultation, today!

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Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510