Jewish Holiday Catering Tips

With Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and so many other delightful Jewish holidays headed our way, you might want to start properly preparing for a large crowd! Cooking Kosher-style food is not the same as catering an actual kosher Jewish meal. For anyone getting ready to host a kosher Jewish dinner, it is important to understand all the rules behind proper authentic Jewish food preparation. 

Continue reading to learn some vital tips and facts regarding kosher cooking, eating, and meal planning.  Become an expert in Jewish food catering in just minutes!

Kosher Catering Georgia 678-340-0510
Kosher Catering Georgia 678-340-0510

What is Kosher?

To better understand the proper way to plan and cater an authentic Jewish meal is to learn the rules behind the meaning of kosher.  Kosher, or Kashrut, is a term that describes the approach taken for food and meal preparation. Specifically, it is the set of Jewish dietary laws. The Hebrew term translates to “fit”; meaning fit for consumption. Almost any kind of food can be kosher, so long as it’s prepared in accordance to the Jewish kosher guidelines defined by the Torah.

So what makes food not kosher? The rules are slightly complicated but enriched with centuries of tradition and belief. For example, if an animal is not slaughtered for food in the accepted ritualistic manner, it is perceived as “un-kosher” and cannot be consumed.  More examples include the use of non-kosher cooking utensils and equipment, the presence of certain ingredients that come from non-kosher animals, animal blood, most types of milk and soft cheeses, gelatin, and various other dairy products.

Kosher Rules of Thumb

If you are planning to host or cater an authentic kosher dinner, keep in mind these specific rules and guidelines for proper and authentic Kashrut catering:

✡ Certain livestock and animals cannot be eaten at all;

✡ All blood must be drained or broiled out from the meat;

✡ All animals have to be slaughtered in accordance to Jewish law;

✡ Certain parts of an animal cannot be eaten (i.e. liver, sciatic nerve, fats, etc.);

✡ Fruits cannot contain any bugs or pest contamination;

✡ The meat of birds and animals cannot be consumed with dairy (i.e. fish, grains, fruits, eggs, and vegetables can be eaten with either meat or dairy, but not both);

✡ You cannot use cooking tools and pans that have come into contact with non-kosher foods, meat, or dairy;

✡ Grape products (including wine) made by non-Jewish persons cannot be consumed;

Depending on particular families and the extent of their orthodox beliefs, there can be several other universal rules to kosher catering and meal preparation.  The best way to understand the process and prerequisites is to ask a professional with extensive experience in ethnic catering.

Religious Holiday Catering in Georgia

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Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510
Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510