Halloween Catering Ideas That Will Make Them Scream!

Are you planning a big Halloween bash this month? To frighten even the most apathetic guest, choose these spine-chilling Halloween catering ideas that are sure to please the palate and make you scream at the same time!

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? A Blood Fountain

Serve your guests a chilling beverage with a decorative blood fountain! A delicious fruit punch concoction is tasty and mimics the veiny substance very well! Add a bit of flare by opting for a fog machine to create an eerie ambience!

? Creepy Crawly Ice Cubes

Add novelty items and party favors to your ice trays to create creepy crawly ice cubes! Use bugs and worms, eye balls, fingernails, and other scary props. Just be sure they are large enough so there is no risk of choking!

? Blood Bags

Serve beverages at your Halloween party inside a fake blood bag! Attach the straw I.V. and drink them up like a juice box! These are fun and can be purchased at any party store or online retailer. Just be sure to serve them to a more mature crowd, as the long straws can also pose safety hazards to children and pets.

? Syringe Gelatin Shots

For an adult Halloween bash, incorporate some alcohol-infused gelatin shots, but serve them in plastic party syringes! A lot of people are scared of needles, so this will surely cause a fright! You can also fill these with Bloody Mary, red wine, and anything else that looks creepy!


? Tiny Brains

Take your favorite Chinese dumpling recipe and toss them in a Chili pepper sauce to create a bowl of little icky brains! Serve them with a standard Asian dipping sauce, or with something that mimics gooey blood!

? Jack-O-Lantern Dip

Use miniature pumpkins in a new and decorative way by hallowing them out and filling them with your favorite dip. Although it’s not the scariest idea, it’s just too cute to pass up! If you want to creep them up a little, let the dip ooze from the carved out eyes, nose, and mouth!

? Old Scabs

Everyone loves bacon, but when you roast it up just right and serve it in small pieces, it looks just like scabs! Serve them in a bowl with a brown sugar glaze so your guests can enjoy an oozing scab or two!


? Roasted Fingers

Carve out a nail bed (or use a piece of cheese) and some knuckle lines on raw hot dogs, and them grill them up, and they look just like cooked fingers! Place them inside the bun and top them with some ketchup to really gross out your guests!

? Rack of Ribs

Mimic a scary dead body ready for eating! Just place a doll’s head (or skull) at the top of a serving tray, put a heaping pile of sausages on the tray to mimic organs, and then position the ribs on top of the pile of meat!


? Amputated Hands

Grab your go-to pastry dough and cherry pie filling to create an amputated hand dessert. Simply form the dough into the shape of a hand, top with filling, top with another hand, and press the edges together. Once cooked, use a large knife to butcher them in half and serve on a tray to your guests!

? Cake Head

Ask your bakery to custom create a cake that looks just like a human head. When your guests cut into it, they will squirm, squeal, and screech! Consider red velvet cake for an even scarier and realistic experience!

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Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510
Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510