How to Cater a Safe Outdoor Picnic in Spring

Spring has sprung! So, that means that outdoor activities are back in the books! One of the most favored pastimes are spring picnics, as they are a fantastic way to spend time outdoors with the people you love most. And to honor the privilege of keeping such good company, it is important to plan a safe picnic experience for everyone. Proper planning and preparation will ensure your picnic is both memorable and fun!

Continue reading for picnic catering tips you can use for your next Spring picnic or family day!

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Warm Weather Picnic Catering Tips

Curate a Menu That Compliments the Season

When it comes to planning a picnic, the first step involves selecting a menu. Choose Spring-seasonal fresh foods, like ripe fruits and crispy vegetables. These are perfect for hot Spring days because they fuel you with energy rather than weigh you down, allowing the family to stay active and enjoy the day together. Also consider whole-grains and lots of protein-packed courses: like black bean salads or club sandwiches.

In-Season Spring Fruits and Veggies:

Fava Beans

Select a Location Well-Suited for Outdoor Dining

Next, you will need to choose a suitable location. Be sure to choose an area with access to trashcans with lids, fresh running water, public restrooms, shady areas, clean grilling space, and tables. If you prefer a more relaxed version of picnicking without restrooms and tables, great! But the other commodities should really be sought after in terms of picnic location.

Review Some Helpful Picnicking Tips and Tricks

The third step to planning a safe and enjoyable picnic is to follow the rest of the picnic catering tips below. And the first tip is to start the picnic planning process a few days in advance to coordinate the perfect family occasion. Here are some more tips for picnic catering and planning:

Always wash your hands before, during, and after handling food.

Pre-season and pre-patty burgers and raw meat before packing them.

Do not thaw your meat on the counter at room temperature. Either thaw overnight in the fridge or cook from frozen.

Keep raw food and prepared food in separate coolers. Keep drinks in a third cooler.

Be sure to pack and plan for plenty of ice. Better yet, take a separate cooler just for clean ice.

Bring enough utensils for cooking and dining. This includes plates and cups.

Always pack hand soap and clean towels for handwashing and cleaning.

NEVER leave food outside exposed to sun for more than 2 hours. Bring lids to cover dishes on the table.

Keep all raw or cold food under ice, not on top.

Be sure all raw meat is cooked to temperature. Bring a meat thermometer to check.

Pack a big umbrella for extra shade on the ground.

Pack a few blankets to sit on the ground, and a tablecloth for any picnic tables.

Pack a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

Bring plenty of drinking water for each person attending.

Immediately pack up and put away unused food or leftovers. Throw away any contaminated or over-exposed food. If in doubt, throw it out!

ALWAYS clean up the picnic site when done.

For large-scale outdoor parties and events, consider professional catering services instead.

Do you have a large-scale picnic, family reunion, or corporate luncheon to plan in Georgia? If so, contact Food for Thought Catering at 678-340-0510 to learn how our Newnan, GA caterers can make the large group catering process hassle-free, and ensure an enjoyable event.

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