The Value in Buying Local Foods

What does it mean to buy local? When you are shopping for meats and produce, buying locally-grown and processed products is the act of “buying local.” The general rule of thumb is informally measured by time and distance. To be considered local, products must be raised and produced in a location that is within one day’s drive. This is also referred to as farm-to-table, which is basically the consumption of local products and goods.

Continue reading to learn all the wonderful benefits of buying local meat and produce in your town and become a farm-to-table believer yourself!

Local Catering Peach Tree City GA 678-340-0510
Local Catering Peach Tree City GA 678-340-0510

The Benefits of Purchasing Local Meats and Produce

From pristine freshness and superior nutrition standards to absolute quality control, economic support, comforting transparency, and all the seasonal harvest pleasures, there are many reasons why buying locally-grown fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and even textiles is so valuable.


One of the more obvious advantages of buying local products is the element of freshness. When you live on the coast, seafood is at its freshest, making it taste its best. Just like the coast, when meat and produce are procured locally, they also retain maximum freshness and flavor. And when food is fresh, it’s healthier, which leads us to our next point.

Quality and Nutrition

One of the best advantages of purchasing local goods is the quality of taste and better nutrition. Because local goods do not travel long distances to reach its consumers, they can be harvested at their ripest state. Fruit and vegetables that have time to fully-ripen retain higher quantities of minerals and vitamins. Not only does this make them more nutritious, it also makes them taste their best.

Economic Boost

Purchasing products that are raised and harvested nearby helps the local economy. Not only does your money stay within your community, but it also helps keep local companies in business. Altogether, this keeps the cash flow good in your town and prices at reasonable rates. Accordingly, buying locally is personal because it helps the community by supporting local farmers, gardeners, and independently-owned businesses. This makes your meals that much more meaningful!

Seasonal Harvests

Rather than buying the same products over and over again, you can buy locally and enjoy the changing seasonal harvests. Not only does this keep cooking and mealtime fun, but it also makes your meals tastier since you are consuming goods in their peak season. Produce in season tends to be less expensive, so it’s cost-effective as well!

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Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510
Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510