How to Calculate How Much Food You Need for Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you hosting this year’s Thanksgiving for the first time? If so, you might feel the pressure to get everything right. But as any loving family would fervently insist, the only thing that truly matters is being together. However, they would also agree that a full belly is important too. So long as you get the portions right for each guest, you can feel confident in pleasing the whole crowd this holiday.

Continue reading to learn how to properly calculate the amount of food you will need to feed your friends and family on Thanksgiving Day.

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The Parts of a Thanksgiving Dinner

To start your planning, think about the fundamental components to a traditional Thanksgiving meal. You will have a protein, starch, carbohydrate, vegetable, some condiments, and of course, dessert. Using this basic guideline of food offerings, multiply the proper portion control with the number of guests you expect to have for an accurate estimation of the amount of food you need. As an added tip, prepare enough food for one or two unexpected guests, or even for your own leftovers for the next day!

For a customary Thanksgiving Meal, here is how much food you should prepare PER GUEST:

? Turkey – 1 Pound
? Cranberry Sauce – ½ Cup
? Potatoes – ½ Cup or 1 Full Potato
? Gravy – 1/3 Cup
? Vegetables – ½ Cup
? Stuffing – ¾ Cup
? Bread Rolls – 1 Roll
? Pie – 1 Slice

When You Don’t Have the Time or Patience to Prepare Thanksgiving Dinner…
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Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510