Types of Occasions Perfect for Professional Catering Service

There are several parties, events, and celebrations that are made better with professional catering services. Basically, if you have an occasion coming up that involves entertaining more than 6 guests, you have the perfect opportunity to cater the event with professional food and service!

Think it’s out of the budget?

The truth is, professional catering services are not just affordable, they are more cost-effective compared to purchasing groceries, products, and similar provisions yourself. Think about it; you can have all the labor, service, food, and cleanup all taken care of by one team of catering experts!

Need some more inspiration on which parties to cater?

Continue reading for a list of events and occasions that call for professional catering!

Georgia Catering Services 678-340-0510

Georgia Catering Services 678-340-0510

🎂 Birthdays

Birthdays are simply a given when it comes to a perfect party to cater. Most people will have at least 6 to 10 guests at a birthday party, which is a perfect catering occasion. For parties that have dozens of guests, catering is almost a must if you want to enjoy yourself. This is especially true for large birthday parties with 50 to 100 guests or more.

🎉 Celebrations

When you want to celebrate something important in life, a party is the way to go. As for catering celebratory parties, occasions like national holidays, religious holidays, weddings, civil unions, reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, engagement parties, wedding showers, baby showers, school dances, block parties, welcome home parties, and even family movie nights, are the perfect match.

📚 Initiatives

When you are holding an event to accomplish a goal, it is better done with delicious food! Events like educational panels, conventions, charity balls, fundraisers, office conferences, and even auctions, are a great match for professional catering.

🎖 Achievements

Achieving anything positive in life is worthy of praise and acknowledgement. Parties are a great way to convey praise for someone’s accomplishments, and professional catering can really up the ante. Common examples of such occasions include retirement, graduations, promotions, awards, grants, scholarships, housewarming parties, and more.

🕆 Rites of Passage

Many people eventually earn a rite of passage or have a coming of age moment in life. These rites of passage and coming of age moments are often celebrated with a large group of friends and family, making them the perfect occasion to cater professionally! These include communions, baptisms, confirmations, religious inductions, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras, Sweet Sixteens, and more.

Georgia Catering Services

Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510

Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510

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