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No matter which kind of event you are planning to cater, the location and venue will be one of the most important aspects to consider. Choosing the right venue is not a difficult decision, but it is one that requires some ample forethought and research. The main factors to consider when researching venues for a catered event include the number of guests expected, the location, budget, and weather.

Although there are several other factors to consider depending on the type of event you’re planning, for example wedding ceremonies versus graduation parties, in terms of choosing a venue, numbers and convenience are the factors to start with. Talk to your local Catering Company for tips on choosing the proper location for your event. In the meantime, continue reading for great venue ideas and suggestions!


Churches are unique, beautiful, and peaceful venues to consider because they are apposite settings for several types of events. Baby showers, baptisms, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and almost any other small to medium-sized events can be held in churches. Many churches have additional recreation areas and rooms, aside from worshiping areas, which serve as the perfect alternative to renting rooms at other locations. One great advantage of using a church to host your catered event is budget. Most often, churches are very inexpensive to rent, and in some cases, even free depending on the time and day. It is in your best interest to start with local churches for your next party or event.


It may sound far-fetched, but it can actually be reasonable renting out areas of a stadium for your special event. This may not include the most professional stadium in your city, but there are several soccer, baseball, and football stadiums to choose from that are within budget. They are great locations for large-scale events that are not black tie, or for activity-based outdoor events. Many even have rooms, suites, and conference centers that can be rented hourly. If you need to house a large number of guests, stadiums provide the perfect amount of space, not to mentioned fun ambience too! Look to your local schools and campuses, and even the city’s baseball stadium for affordable stadium rentals for catered events.


Although it sounds like it’s been done too many times before, hotels are the perfect venue to rent for your special event. And there are plenty of reasons why! Not only are hotels affordable and flexible, many of them provide additional amenities that are convenient for guests, such as powder rooms, restrooms, drinking fountains, parking, and more. Also, they are generally decorated modestly, leaving a perfect canvas to decorate according to your party’s theme. Generally, hotels have several conference rooms or recreational centers with ample space that they rent to the public on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. And there is always room to negotiate price at hotels!


Public parks are a serene and enjoyable location for a catered event, but unfortunately, they are not always the best fit year-round. Once the cold season arrives, parks are not ideal since they hardly offer enclosed or heated spaces. Outdoor events in spring and summer are perfect for parks. They offer all the space you need, as well as, beautifully-landscaped scenery. And most often, it is free of charge to cater an event in a public park, however, keep in mind that when it’s free, it’s also first-come-first-serve. There are parks that offer rentable spaces that can be reserved for an affordable fee, making park events budget-friendly no matter what.

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