How to Plan a Last Minute Halloween Party

So, you thought you were in the clear when it came to hosting a party this Halloween, but you’ve just been appointed for the job? Well, you have 2 days to get it together still, and that’s actually plenty of time! Sure, you won’t be able to plan all the stars and bangles, but you can certainly put together a functional and memorable party in your limited time frame.

Continue reading to learn some focus point for throwing an impromptu Halloween party, and better organize your last minute planning!

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Tips for Putting Together an Unplanned Halloween Bash

Make the Guest List

The number of guests coming to your party will be the ultimate determining factor in a lot of your last-minute Halloween party planning decisions. Get your guest list down first, and then move onto your next task. Realistically, you will likely not be able to throw a list minute party with a large number of guests. A reasonable guest list for a barely-planning party would be under 25 people. Any more than that, and you might want to hire local Georgia caterers to handle the job for you!

Set a Budget

Your first focus point is the budget. Set this first, and the rest of your planning will be much easier. To set a realistic budget, consider the amount of people attending your party. Set aside around $5 or $10 a head, at least. If you want more extensive provisions in terms of food, beverage, and décor, increase the head price as you see fit.

Go Grab Your Décor

A Halloween party is not really a Halloween party without the Halloween décor! So, make decoration shopping a priority in the next three days to ensure you deliver the spooky, festive experience your guests want. Consider delegating some homemade Halloween décor crafting to your kids!

Decide on Food and Drinks

Like décor, a party is not a party without food and drinks. Plan out what types of foods and beverages you want to serve at your Halloween party, and then make a grocery run to satisfy the list of needed items. If you do not have time to cook or prepare food, place a catering order in Georgia, or stick with easy-heat appetizers, like oven-baked and microwavable apps. Dips and appetizers in the crock pot are also quick, set-it-and-forget-it options.

Plan for Entertainment

On Halloween, the costumes are usually entertainment enough, but if you have some extra time, try thinking of some fun, holiday-themed games your guests can play. Also plan for some music!

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Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510
Food for Thought Catering 678-340-0510