14 Types of Tables You Might Need at Your Wedding Reception

If you are preparing a floor plan for your wedding reception, the table set up will likely be first on the list of priorities. After all, people need somewhere to eat the food you’ll have catered. For this reason, apportioning table types and quantities is a helpful place to start when it comes to deciding on the reception floor plan. Not only must you decide which kinds of tables you’ll need at your reception, you must determine how many, where they will be, and which size linens they’ll need.

Continue reading on some helpful table tips for wedding receptions!

Georgia Wedding Catering 678-340-0510

Georgia Wedding Catering 678-340-0510

Wedding receptions are parties, celebrating the joining of two families. They are filled with love, laughter, and fun. But in between the festivities and celebrating, there will be some dining as well. In this case, you will need tables that seat all your RSVP’d guests. Once you have your table count for guests prepared, you will need to get to work on the other tables you might want.

Here are the top 14 kinds of tables commonly incorporated into wedding receptions:

Bar Tables These are used for bartenders serving and preparing alcoholic beverages.

Bistro Tables Tiny, two to three person tables meant for standing or sitting at high-stooled chairs.

Cake Tables You might need a cake table for the wedding guest cake, as well as another cake table for the bride and groom cakes.

Food Tables When you have a catered wedding reception, you will certain need tables to house all the food. Depending on the size and scope of your event, you may need several food tables.

Gift Table People bring gifts to a wedding to celebrate the bride and groom. Be sure to have a designated table for placing such gifts, safely and in an organized manner.

Guest Book Table In addition to a gift table, a guest book table is a common and popular addition to a wedding reception. Use the list to write thank you notes later on.

Guest Tables As mentioned, the first count to take is the number of guests that will be attending. Be sure you have enough tables to accommodate them all.

Head Table The wedding party traditionally gets a head table, in which the bride and groom sit center. If this is how you plan to coordinate your reception, be sure to add this table in too.

Kids Activity Table If there are going to be a lot of kids attending your wedding reception, you may want to add in an activity table to thwart boredom and to keep them occupied. Go a step further and hire a babysitter to supervise children at this table.

Memory or Photo Table Photo booths are a new and popular option for wedding receptions. If you incorporate one into yours, add in an extra table on the side to hold the photos being taken. Place an album on the table for guests to add their pictures.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Tables Like a bar table, you might want to designate one or more for non-alcoholic beverages. This could be easier for monitoring children and teenagers, or for avoiding long bar lines for a water or cola.

Party Favor Table Wedding receptions are parties, and at parties there might be favors. If you have party favors to give out at your reception, add in a table to house them all in an organized fashion.

Reserved Tables For elderly, honored, or special needs guests, you may want to add in some reserved tables that are close to the food, bathroom, or exit.

Sweetheart Table Sometimes, the head table only consists of the wedding party, while the bride and groom sit at their own, two-person table called a “sweetheart” table.

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